Based in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Penang Island, Malaysia, a historic entrepot port for the trading of the commodities and goods, the Arabica Estate coffee company aims to grow and nurture a communal appreciation for picking, roasting, brewing and enjoying specially coffees on a national, then global stage.
  • Quality

    Every product that carries the Arabica Estate trademark gaurantees superior quality and freshness.

  • Desirability

    Whether you’re our student or a franchise, our strategies will ensure you will be in demand.

  • Service

    Our employees are indoctrinated into service excellence, enjoy our timely and efficient support.

What we do

Arabica Estate is a multifaceted corporation, with a strategic business model that covers 6 key areas of service:

  • Beans & Condiments Supply

    We roast and sell only the finest, 100% Arabica Beans selected from regions around the world famous for their coffee beans including Asia, Africa, Central America, and Oceania.

  • Coffee Machines & Accessories

    We are an authorised distributor of the internationally reknowned brand of coffee machines.

  • Barista Academy

    Arabica Estate Academy and its associate 9Bar Academy are authorised trainers of Barista Education programs, with courses ranging from Foundation to Professional qualifications.

  • Custom Roasts

    Have a specific flavour profile you’d like to realize? Thinking of having your own coffee brand or blend? Our master roasters can help create that unique roast for you.

  • Cafe Franchises

    If you’re looking to invest in a cafe business that brings you timely and generous profits, Arabica Estate has several options for you based on your investment amount.

  • Coffee Consulting

    Thinking of getting a head start in the coffee or cafe business? Arabica Estate offers business consultation for coffee entrepreneurs who wish to explore the cafe or coffee industry with proper guidance,navigation and mentoring.

Signature Menu

Salmon Spaghetti

Combo Seafood Platter

Lobster Spaghetti

Matcha Rose Baller Koffeez

Matcha Rose

Passion One Baller Koffeez

Pizza Lobster